Customer Self Service

By creating a Customer Self Service, we have changed the access screens for the reports provided to our customers via the e-branch. In addition to the Multi-Lang structure, we have launched our application that enables our customers to manage their own user accounts.

Benefits / Gains

  • We have enabled CRM teams, and even our customers' administrator accounts to create users.
  • We presented the platform, which previously only worked in Turkish, to work with multiple languages in the new structure.
  • We created a secure structure where our customers can only view their own records, separate from the structure where they view transactions belonging to other customers.
  • We increased the page's activity times with flexible, simple, and fast data processing structures.
  • By logging all transactions, we ensured a secure transaction process.
  • We facilitated the access of company employees with the Single Sign-On structure.
  • We started tracking application usage statistics with Google Analytics.